Tactile Play: How Significant it is at an Early Age

If you want to find out more about how beneficial tactile play is, I’ve got a story to share with you. Tactile sensory activities are important for kids, especially in their early years.  Tactile play is important as it develops a child’s intelligence, creativity, sharpens perception, teaches a problem-solving skill and helps in logical thinking.

Recently, my nephew Peter and I had an awesome time playing with Solar System model. He is a curious boy, and he asked a lot of questions. I sparked his curiosity through this space tactile play, and he was instantly in love with science!

Tactile Sensory Play Develops Logical Thinking

Children are fast-learners, and they learn by playing. Peter was discovering planets in our Solar System simply by touching the planet models and asking questions about space.

“Can we see Earth from our window, aunty?” “ No, we can’t because we are on Earth. The same as I cannot see myself?“ I instantly praised his conclusion. Clever boy! Our play inspired his logic.

This was the moment I started to realize how important tactile shapes and sensory games are for children at an early age. I decided to include educational games and some geeky activities in our every play since kids benefit from play-based learning.

The Significance of Tactile Play at Early Years

Peter suddenly said he wants to investigate further. He wants to explore the space. „Then I will design a rocket to fly into space so I can see Earth!“

We then made a rocket out of a cardboard box. Without knowing, Peter practiced his imagination and his motor skills while he was constructing his first rocket. He is a little geek-to-be, and our game inspired his scientific thinking.

Tactile sensory games prepare children for more complex learning in the future such as engineering or computer programming. More precisely, tactile engagement in early years makes an immense difference in a kid’s character and life success.

Do you engage your child in a tactile play? Including sensory activities in your child’s play helps in your little one’s development. Plus, your kid will not grow addicted to TV.

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