Build your own sundial – This is a perfect activity kit for your next picnic! Get thrilled by creating your own 3D time reading device. What are you waiting for! Put it right inside your picnic bag and have unstoppable fun the Roman way!

Easy to build – Follow kid-friendly illustrated instruction manual to build & learn how to tell time with the sundial and sun. NO batteries required. Just a sunny day and loads of curiosity is what you need.

Perfect gift idea – Perfect for kids whose fingers never stop fidgeting. Channel the FIDGET POWER TO BUILD POWER.

Intelligences Strengthened –

  • Kinesthetic: Fine motor skills, coordination, and balancing
  • Environmental: Learning about Sun, Sunlight, and Earth.
  • Logical – Learning concepts of time, light, and shadows

Further Learning – Teach kids Light/Shadow theory, reflection, and refraction.

Whats inside? 3 x EVA Foam discs; 1 x Timepaper; 1 x wooden stick ; Instruction manual. Material – EVA Foam & Wood

Packaging Size – Environmental friendly reusable fabric bags of size 10 inches by 14 inches. The content is neatly folded and packed inside to avoid any damage.

Choking Hazard – Small delicate parts. Not for children under 3 years. Recommended for ages 4 & up.

Categories: 5-7 years, Environmental, Kinesthetic, Logical