Space Cubes


Dream big & Narrate big – Is there a limit to the imagination? Well better NOT. Unleash the brain power in children with these space cubes. Let kids roll the space cubes and fly in their imaginary world. There is no right or wrong. The storyteller who has the group in splits is the next Walt Disney Inspiration
Easy to build & play – High-quality components and simple illustrated instruction manual makes it easy to start playing right away.
Great replay value – Designing the cubes initially would take 10 -15 mins. Playing time from then on is UNLIMITED. Just keep rolling the dice and keep the Arabian Nights ON for the rest of your life.
Great bonding – Parents, kids, families & friends being in part of this game have great quality time and valuable memories. Space Cubes brings family time to the next level.

Intelligences Strengthened –

  • Visual: Identifying and applying meaning to abstract imagery
  • Emotional: Collaborating with others to create a common story
  • Linguistic: Learning new words; memorizing words through images

Further Learning – Encourage open-ended play and to make connections between unrelated things. This fosters out of the box thinking.

What’s Inside? 5 x vibrant colorful large size dice; 25 x Space themed stickers; 8 x Story prompt cards; Instruction manual. Material – high-quality wood and paper.
Packaging Size – Environmental friendly reusable fabric bags of size 10 inches by 14 inches. The content is neatly folded and packed inside to avoid any damage.
Choking Hazard – Small delicate parts. Not for children under 3 years. Recommended for ages 4 & up.

Categories: 5-7 years, Emotional, Linguistic, Visual