Golden rules to choose the best toy for your kid

Have you ever imagined how our world would look like without innovative medicine? Or how we would continue our lives on this planet without any food or water? It is difficult to conceptualize such a situation especially when we are part of the era of technology and progress, isn’t it?

Fortunately, we are living in a society where there will always be solutions and hope. Our kids are the key and we can help them “save the world” through education. However, we are living a paradox today. We, as parents, are so absorbed by our daily work activities and so tired after a full day of work that it is often difficult to pay attention to our kids’ needs.

On the other hand, our children are exposed to a variety of gadgets and toys that attract them. In addition, we tend to buy distractions and devices for our little ones hoping that they will keep them occupied and so we can have some relaxing moments for ourselves. But what is the added value that these toys bring to our kids? How are we shaping the “heroes of tomorrow” who will support us when we are getting old?

Any parent would like to know the “secret” of choosing the most educative and entertaining toys for his kid. Therefore, before going for shopping, a good tip would be to create the “profile of the best toy for your kid”. This means, that this toy should answer to the following questions:

  • What does this toy teach my child? Is it educative or is it just colorful and noisy?
  • Are its materials safe?
  • Does it have any annoying sounds or colors that will disturb me?
  • Is it non-aggressive? Does it promote any social interaction and creativity?
  • Does it help my child develop problem-solving skills and promote movement coordination?
  • Will I enjoy playing together with my kid with this toy?

In addition, irrespective of your child’s age, a perfect toy would be the one that makes things happen. For instance, your baby will be super excited about a ball rolling on the floor. He is at the age when he likes to reach out for things. Therefore, if you pick a ball which is also producing some sounds while it rolls, you can rest assured that you made the right decision.

On the other hand, if you are “dealing” with a toddler, then a game consisting of colorful blocks, assembled one over the other would be exactly what he needs. You will be surprised by your child’s excitement when he knocks the tower down and he starts building it again. This is their project and they will be super proud of it.

It is very important to consider your child’s personality when you choose a toy. As a rule, the games that stimulate their imagination and cultivate their logical intelligence will always be among their most preferred options. It is also very important to “jump” together with your child into every new adventure and empower him to “change the world”. This is the path to success!

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